Friday, November 9, 2012

Tongan Ponzi Sucker guided by God drags his church down the toilet

Amongst the victims of Kiwi, David Hobbs, accused of masterminding a $58 million investment scheme recently labelled a scam by Australian authorities, was the Tongan Church -Tokaikolo 'Ia Kalaisi.

Hobbs alleged Ponzi scheme also took in pensioners on both sides of The Tasman.    

But back to Auckland and the church run by Dr Liufau Saulala, who has refused requests to have the Tokaikolo church accounts independently audited to ascertain the amount of poured down the toilet by its members.

People who by & large could least afford it.  

“People have lost so much, I've heard it from so many, they have lost their mortgage, they have lost their jobs," said Tongan newspaper editor, Ulualo Pouhila over the sad state of affairs.

Yet rather than ‘fess-up’ to his failed get-rich scheme the audacious Dr SauIala now wants his congregation to give more to save their church from being repossessed by the bank!  

This is the same guy that originally earnestly told his worshippers they needed to raise more than $1 million to invest in a scheme organised by Hobbs.

His ‘sell’ at the time was "Dr Hobbs is part of this through God and I'm really happy because he gives us all his energy to the church, he believes in this truth."

If only Saulala had have taken independent financial advice rather than listening to the faux voices in his head his church wouldn’t be in the crap.    


Anonymous said...

Is this David Hobbs the same Nelson financial adviser that the NZ fraud squad investigated back in the late 1990s about the overseas roll schemes that investors are still waiting to receive payments from? I think so. The Nelson evening mail also named his wife (mentioned in the latest Aussie ponzie scam (has she been sentenced yet?)), and also office worker Doreen who were implicated. No charges were laid as not enough investors spoke up because the had signed a non disclosure blurb in their contract that threatened them with hefty penalties from the fictitious roll bankers. DR Peter Nel, Guy Lassard.

Anonymous said...

Yes him and his brother are getting away with it. He is laughing at the 500k fine. he can pay that with stolen funds. Both are car dealers now. still living the high life in Nelson

Anonymous said...

He is innocent, anonymous stop commenting if you don't know the whole story.

Anonymous said...

has he paid his $500,000 fine yet ?
Are parents and pupils attending the christian school belonging to the above church suffering stress. Read latest media report.
by the way david hobbs is not a Dr, neither is his alias Dr Peter Nel and his mate is Michael Gilbert an ex Nelson lawyer now an auckland real estate broker who may be able to glean how the church elder was duped.

Anonymous said...

he 's been ordered to sell his Stoke properties. how sad ,ha ha. guilty? I think so! a greedy little man.

Anonymous said...

the court has determined the sale of his properties