Monday, October 8, 2012

What acts of depravity are off-limits to Catholic Clergy?

In case you missed-it, were out feeding your kids in their windowless bunker, you can now add Baby Snatching to Catholicism’s litany of organised, sponsored abuse.

Decades of baby snatching by Catholic nuns in Spain have come to light.

Hundreds of innocent families ripped apart.

The modus was simple: a single mother or unworthy parents would be told their baby had died at birth and the baby then given to a ‘good Catholic family.’ 

Catholic families who knew full-well the baby they were given was ripped literally from it's true mother arms, just seconds after the umbilical tubes were tied. 

All parties in this heinous crime had zero morals.

Nothing surprising in that.    

Per normal ‘form’ Church officials knew this baby-theft was going-on, supported the practice, covered-it-up and then lied to authorities when the number was up.  

Seriously – what is left in the field of human degradation?  

What acts of depravity are off-limits to the Catholic Clergy?

Without mixing my metaphors ‘is anything sacred’?  

Now the golden days of boy buggery are over will we hear about a sheep breeding program by Catholic Parish’s to provide a lawyer-free sexual outlet for Priests?  

Frankly fucking a sheep pales against taking a couples new-born, falsely telling them he/she was dead and then making the grieving parents attend what is a mock funeral.

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