Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It’s time for Andy Moore to admit his God loves Abortion

New Zealander, Cantabrian and erstwhile American Andy Moore is a rather complex bloke.

At one juncture, back home here in N.Z he supported a liberal party, ACT.

In America that’s the Libertarians.

Ironically ACT’s ‘prosthelytising’ Less Government in Your Life’ campaign stands stood at our local Agriculture Show only metres from his own ‘blood and guts’ displays of the evils of abortion.   

But as Ian Steward (Star Sunday Times Sept 9th 2012) rightfully pointed out Kiwis are largely ambivalent to ‘single message’ politics.

Abortion doesn’t rate in New Zealand.

Most New Zealanders don’t believe in an interventionist god.  

So poor old Andy was left banging his head against a brick wall, pissing in the wind here in New Zealand, with people like me poking fun at him and an ambivalent press.  

Computer savy his greatest success came via the internet.

Abortion Wiki is one of his.

He also set-up a mirror site to New Zealand’s Abortion Law Reform Association.   

Back in 2010 Andy Moore boarded a plane to the epicentre of the anti-abortion movement, the only Western Country I can think of where abortion is a major issue, The United States.  

Originally it was for a speaking tour – rather surprising – since by & large Americans struggle to understand ‘the mother tongue’.

Immediately he found a kinship and soon a relationship with the daughter of the person who first sponsored the trip.      

He now has a child, in the sanctity of marriage of course.

His web site ‘Star Studded Super Step’ - a blog site I must gleefully point-out once attracted only a half of the hits of my own – now features a lead article ‘Davy Crocket Defender of The Constitution’.    

There are still articles about New Zealand on Andy’s blog like the one associating the return of Free Milk in New Zealand with Free Abortions but to find then you need to transpose the dates to American i.e. 9/11 in N.Z terms = 9th November, and ignore politicking to vote for Rick Santorum. Hardly a libertarian.        

But has always grated me about Andy Moore is his total inability to answer one question relating to his abortion crusade, the one no anti-abortionist dares answer.  

One which I’ve posted on his site regularly and always got a ‘wishy washy’ answer.

The question I pose is simple:


Yahweh’s tally is in the billions.

You could start a thousand 10 story abortion clinics around the globe, staff them with ex concentration camp guards, have them operate 24/7 and never come close to Yahweh’s kill rate.

My own wife and I went through the trauma of a mis-carriage.

Currently 15 to 20 per cent of woman similarly self-abort, it’s very prevalent.  

A massive percentage, given Andy and his fellow zealot’s god Yahweh, apparently has the power to intervene and allow the foetus to fully gestate.   

Moore and his followers grab Yahweh’s manifesto at every point and use it as some sort of moral justification for being pro-life when in-fact god didn’t put a single line in about abortion being bad.

The evidence is obvious to anyone, Christians especially.  

The god of The Bible loves killing the unborn.

So it is high-time for Andy Moore to admit the god he prays to loves abortion.

In-fact goes about the ghastly task with perverted relish.

Fess-up Andy. 


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