Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Violent Nut Case Preacher Deported

The congregation Penrose’s Assembly of God (Auckland) church is almost an exclusively Samoan.

The pastoral staff also share the same heritage including until recently Pastor Reti Falaniko.

But Pastor Falaniko won’t be preaching anywhere in New Zealand from now on.

He and his pacemaker are on a plane back to Western Samoa.

Falaniko savagely abused his wife over their three year marriage, including gouging her eye out.

Last week The Immigration and Protection Tribunal heard:

-         The beatings started after he felt his wife did not give his the respect in public he thought he deserved

-         - After failing to say ‘thank you’ after one of his sermons he stomped on her

-          - He smashed a coffee table above her head resulting in seven stitches

-          - After falsely accusing her of having an affair he told his wife “Watch this. You’re going to die” Then proceeded to gouge her eye out with his thumbs. Doctors weren’t able to save it. His wife is now considered ‘functionally blind’. 
-         - 11 offences were catalogued

Pastor Reti Falaniko exhibited all the tendencies of a violent psychopath and with the same lack of remorse.   

His only defence to deportation was he had a pacemaker installed, the result of a heart-attack, that could not get serviced back in his native country.

The Tribunal checked this out and found out his ascertains were, not surprisingly, false.  

So where was The Assembly of God over the three years this systematic brutality was going on?

One of the earlier assaults occurred on Church grounds so it’s hard to see how the leadership of The N.Z Assembly of God could have been unaware one of their ministers was offending, intervened accordingly.   

The N.Z Assembly of God therefore stand condemned along with their ‘man’. 




Anonymous said...

good job. I hope the arseholes pacemaker craps out on him. dickhead

Anonymous said...

I'll second that.