Monday, September 28, 2009

Caring Atheists fill-the-void for Christians on ‘extended leave’

An enterprising atheist in New Hampshire has started a unique-service for the Christians in his community.

A Post-Rapture Pet-Care Service!

The rationale is perfectly sound.

What happens to Fido the mutt,Mittens the moggy when their masters are suddenly spirited-away to the heavens?

It’s not as if God is going to post a You-Tube announcing the event so you can open 200 cans of jelly-meat in advance, is it?

So Christians face their beloved pets becoming tasty-treats for the heathen masses left roaming the planet or even worse – letting them be adopted by a Hindu family.

The dire consequences of abandoning loved-family members whilst you waltz-around in the bosom of your savior up-in-the clouds - doesn’t bear thinking-about.

Enter the pet after-life insurance company Eternal Earth Bound Pets.

In the event of rapture those that have committed their lives to Jesus Christ and love their pets, can now pre-book an Atheist to come around and take care of their soulless beast.

It’s a win/win as far I’m concerned.

I wonder who has the New Zealand franchise?


Iain said...

That's just brilliant.

It even manages to top Christian Salt. I'd way rather manage a franchise of this than be a salt retailer... there's no work in this! haha

$100, thankyou *ching*

That'll be $100, thanks so much *ka-ching*

...$100 *ching*

Dromedary Hump said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for promoting my website.
I'm Bart, creator of eternal earth-bound pets.

Yes, we hav epaying clients for our service. This is afterall America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and Religiously Afficted

If you like my site, you'll love my book:
The Atheist Camel Chronicles, available to Kiwis via Amazon.comUSA/
It's been getting rave reviews on amazon and throughout the internet.

Oh...and No, I'm not franchising our post rapture pet rescue business to NZ, just yet.

Best regards,
Bart aka Dromedary Hump