Monday, December 30, 2013

Nothing says “I’m a loser” more than a neck tattoo

Over-all most people that get tattoos realise they cause offence to certain sectors of society. 

It is bleeding obvious to anyone with half a brain-cell tattoos are synonymous with criminal fraternities, mostly follow trends that render arguments “It’s an individual thing” baseless.   

Cutting to the chase: great leaders and inventors with coverable tattoos are few and far between.  

Most people who opt to get a tattoo are bright enough (room temperature?) to place it in a location on their body that can be hidden from public view as the situation dictates. 

Like say if you had a decent job, have to interact with customers who weren’t part of a sub culture and greater society.    

Following the thread that tattoos are symptomatic of outside trends e.g. some numbskull bass player from their fav band has one, invariably we expect to see sheeple follow what they perceive as fashionable or cool.  

So like day follows night, over just the last decade we now have people – not individuals – adorning themselves with neck tattoos as spotted on a music video, internet, mag etc.   

Until recently neck-tattoos were the defiant F.U badge of street gangs.  

Tragically we now see middle-class kids with them.  

These trend-seekers, attention deficit sufferers think they look cool or tough with their neck tattoos when to the rest of society it yells, via a large megaphone “I’m a loser.”   

Let me prove this brutal statement succinctly. 

Tell me one great person from the 7 billion on this planet that has a fucking neck tattoo?  

Taps fingers on the table await an answer he knows will never come.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Judgmental much?
I am in no way condoning neck tattoos -- there are too many conservative, boring people upon whom one may have to depend for a job some day to recommend getting one.
Nonetheless, there are successful people with tattoos of all kinds. A brief Googling found this list of actors, entertainers and sports celebrities with neck tattoos, to begin with -- most of which I have heard of, unlike a certain atheist from Canterbury.... ;-)
Jessica Alba
Angelina Jolie
Audrina Partridge
Chris Brown
Vanessa Hudgens
Mena Suvari
David Beckham
Tommy Lee

Paul said...

For someone who claims to be rational, you rarely show it. Just stop with the irrational grouping and fear of tattoos or people with them. Why the hell do you care?

Canterbury Atheists said...

@ Anon: Sorry my interpretation of the term ‘great’ is at a polar opposite to yours. Listing Pink and Tommy Lee etc merely adds fuel to my fire, goes to provide more evidence only numbskulls get tats. BTW who the fuck are Audrina Partridge, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Mena Suvari? @Paul: Why do I care who dons tattoos? My blog is social commentary. I happen to have a hatred of tats which I’m happy to air and most people seem to agree with my stand. Simple.

Paul said...

Yeah I can see the comments here agreeing with you...Social commentary I can cope with but the problem is that your argument is invalid 1. Tattoos are a sign of low intelligence. 2 Some people have tattoos. Therefore- people with tattoos are stupid.

Sometimes, though not always, people who make generalisations and state shallow, oversimplified opinions are either of low intelligence, deluded or trying to drum up web traffic. I wonder which you are?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Still tapping fingers on the table awaiting that long list of intelligent people with tats to back up your argument. Scores of the physicists working on the Hadron Collider I bet? Heaps of leaders at G10 meetings? Didn’t I see a tribal tattoo on Andrea Merkels arm the other day? High Court Judges are covered in homemade ones. My fellow N.Zer that won the Booker Prize recently – I bet she’ll get a tat to celebrate. So hit me with that list Paul. Decides not to hold breath.

Slade Calhoun said...

I hate tats on otherwise good-looking people. Neck tats are for imbeciles, usually ugly, so it doesn't really matter. Tats do have some utility, as the Nazis demonstrated at Auschwitz, and the police find them handy for identification purposes. Graffiti for the hide.

Anonymous said...

Those that claim celebrity has them are making my argument for me. They are proving they are sheep. Just like most of these insecure losers are smokers as well. I said most, not all. I know tattoo person can not understand reader comprehension; because inevitably I will get the tattoo freakoid that says they do not smoke.