Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela was not a Great Guy

Brazen philander: His first wife Evelyn had to endure him coming home with the office secretary and them both retiring to their marital bedroom to do the business. Abandoned his first wife & four children to marry his mistress.    

Wife Beater: Evelyn Mandela went to the police after being threatened with an axe, but her complaint was withdrawn as the pressure went on her from his activist circles. Not a good look from a lawyer. Evelyn's claims of beatings continued to her dying breath.    

Terrible Father: His words not mine. One of his daughters Makaziwe Mandela wished her father could have been a father to her rather than ‘the country’.   

Terrorist: Attended a training camp in Ethiopia. Was behind bombings against government buildings, homes of government officials and public places like railway stations, banks for which he was convicted and imprisoned. Note: He pleaded guilty at his trial. Included in his death toll were innocent mothers and children.    

Communist: Sort aid from both Russia and China to fund the overthrow of not just the apartheid system but also democracy in South Africa. Was a member of South African Communist Party.  That's him (above) 'front and centre' at a Communist rally in 1990.  

Advocated Social Change via Violence: Founded the militant wing of ANC that rejected political change via peaceful means.   

AIDS: Twiddled his thumbs whilst in power when the number of AIDS/HIV cases went from 1 per cent to 10 per cent. It's now closer to 20. The 'rot set in' when he failed to address the burgeoning infection levels. Mandela only became an anti-AIDS campaigner after his own son died of the disease.  

Idolised Numerous Dictator Despots: Charles Taylor, Arafat, Castro, Charles Taylor, the list of despotic dictators Mugabe Mandela swooned over goes to double figures. He loved Muammar Gaddifi so much he insisted one of his grand-sons was named after him. Only a twisted mind would name their blood line after the orchestrator of the Lockerbie bombing.  



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