Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Chest! What Thighs! What a load of Crock!


1.)What the hell is a ‘musk’ cushion? Can I get one online at Peaches & Cream?
2.)What Hair! What Chest! What Thighs! What Legs! But what’s in it for the arse men fella?
3.)So much softness. Oxymoronic given the subject matter.
4.)Wine is Allah’s heavenly reward for tea-tottlers. Another plus for drinking beer in my books.
5.)This dude is wearing a pink shawl. You're not thinking what I am?
6.)Just ten black eyed virgins? Look I’m not converting or strapping dynamite to my body, unless there’s at least two dozen, and they’re of Scandinavian extraction.
7.)I doubt it was the face, he last applied Nivea or Vaseline.

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