Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Since the Morning after Pill doesn’t work for fat chicks, why fuck em’ in the first place?

The most astounding revelation to the news that the widely-used morning-after pills is less effective in preventing pregnancy in woman over 70kgs,  is the salient point Kiwi men are actually having sex with them in the first place. 

Are Kiwi men in New Zealand just not fussy?  

That desperate for sex, or that drunk not to care who they are banging?    

Do they want a brat with a fat 'nameless' bimbo they picked-up at the pub?  

Clearly today's N.Z women care less about their weight than their mothers with the average weight going up 12 kilos in one generation.   

62kgs in sixties New Zealand and now 74 kilos in 2014.   

Use of the morning after pill generally indicates casual sex and the prevention of an unwanted pregnancy.  

The simple solution to the ‘morning after pill’ being rendered a third effective by the women’s weight is for men to not fuck them.   
Do society a favour - go home and have wank instead.  

The same applies to women contemplating having sex with fat guys. 


Let fat people sit on the margins (naturally after strengthening them) of society.  

Then let Darwinsm work its magic. 

In one or two generations – no more fat people!    

Footnote: Congratulations to radio presenter Rachel Smalley calling New Zealand women "heifers" and "a bunch of lardos”. She is dead right and needs industry accolades rather than complaints which will doubtless come from the very same ‘heifers’ she describes. The fatties with time to write letters, consume a packet of biscuits but not to exercise.  



Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on winning the "bigoted asshole" award of the atheist community.

Canterbury Atheists said...

I have a practical, innovative solution to N.Z/Worldwide obesity problem and I’m labeled an ‘asshole’ (which is the bottom of a donkey like creature or either an American bastardising the English language) Reminds me of a song by Jonathan Richman about Pablo Picasso.