Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oxfam is Not a Good Cause

Wealthy elites have co-opted political power to rig the rules of the economic game, undermining democracy and creating a world (Oxfam NZ Site)  

I am directing this missive, not just to the Trail Walkers but to anyone who considers giving money to Oxfam.  


Point One: Oxfam in New Zealand and globally is not an apolitical group.  

Don’t think for a moment Oxfam is a benign neutral charity.     

Oxfam N.Z was set-up by the current Labour Party spokesman on Housing, Phil Twyford.

To further prove Oxfam (NZ) non-neutral political stand-point, their last local Executive Director (Barry Coates) departed his role just before Christmas to run for The Green Party at the next election. 

At one stage Barry Coates was also chair of the Global Campaign for Climate Action.   

So Oxfam in New Zealand does not exist just to feed the poor, that’s just one of their guises.  

Oxfam is a political beast.   

Thinking the money raised by your walk, fundraising is going to a ‘good cause’……..think again!  

Oxfam in New Zealand is neck deep in left wing politics, exhibits an almost pathological hatred of rich people. 
The fact Oxfam in New Zealand policies mirrors those of The Green Party is no accident.    

Tax Havens for example are something this charity campaigns on.  

Ironically it’s mostly the middle class and rich Kiwi’s that support Trail Walker Oxfams cause, suckered into thinking their efforts will solely help the poor in The Pacific etc.

Because of it's extreme left wing dogma, donations to Oxfam are but effective in the short term - never treat the root cause [refer: Point Two]
It's these middle classes and rich in countries like New Zealand who are the very same demographic Oxfam thinks don’t pay anywhere enough tax.   

Oxfam campaigns locally and globally to see an end to free trade agreements, like the one between China and New Zealand that has enriched all New Zealanders.   
China is New Zealand's biggest export market, yet Oxfam (N.Z) want the Government of the day to rip-up our FTA and say goodbye to 9 billion in revenue.  
Oxfam also want all New Zealand business’s to pay their employees the Rev Waldegrave formatted ‘living wage’ irrespective of the economics.    

NZD 22.90 an hour for McDonalds bun flippers.    
NZD 47,500 P.A for an unskilled worker first year out of school. 
Oxfam shamelessly wants to tax New Zealand businesses more. 

Oxfam a so-called charity into helping staving millions has just issued a report that amongst other policies desires more regulations for business’s under the banner of equity and sustainability.   
It could be cut and pasted straight from The Greens.    

In September last year Oxfam  slandered all New Zealanders with false statements accusing the (National) Government as effectively shirking on its contributions in in Syria.  

Oxfam’s figures were 4000% out!    

Nor is there anything on Oxfam's sites that addresses the real reasons behind poverty in the Pacific and beyond……

Point Two: Poor people have too many kids!

Using the Pacific as an example here’s the facts (births per 1,000 persons) 

34.3 Solomon Islands
31.1 Vanuatu
30.9 Papua New Guinea
29.7 Naru
26.5 Tonga
24.8 Samoa
New Zealand?


That’s right most of the families up in ‘the Islands’ are twice the size as here in N.Z. 

What’s more the average GDP of a New Zealander is USD 30,000. 

The average GDP of a Solomon Islander is a paltry USD 3, 000. 

Papua New Guinea is less!  

Kiwis are subsidising the irresponsible breeding habits of our Pacific neighbours and Oxfam tries to make us all feel guilty for it, prefers instead to blame successful businessmen for not being taxed enough, when there is far easy answer.  

Stop them breeding so much is the logical answer to poverty in the Pacific. 

Any other efforts are literally feeding the issue, in some cases making it worse!
Samoa has the fattest people on the planet. 
Tonga is a close second.    
Oxfam is heavily (pun intended) involved in both Samoa and Tonga.

Imagine suggesting 'interfering with birth control' is a solution to the pinkos at Oxfam?   



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