Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Daughter is off to Easter Camp!

Yes, that’s right MY teenaged daughter is off to a Christian Camp this long weekend.  

Her good mate is going and she thought it would be fun, so I signed the forms without any issues. 

You see it’s not my think to throw my beliefs down my kid’s throat, tell them what they can or can’t do with their lives – excepting perhaps “Don’t get a bloody tattoo!”    

It’s up-to my daughter to make her own conclusions as to the existence of God and the story of his son, emissaries.  

I don’t feel threatened at all my house could soon be occupied by ‘a believer.’  

My only comment to her was a tongue-in-cheek “Remember you come from a long line of atheists.”  

Now I would like you to picture this situation. 

A Catholic Family has a daughter come home wanting to go to an Easter Camp run by Baptists.   

Ironically the chances are they would say “no”!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This House acknowledges with gratitude the efforts of former New Zealand diplomats Chris Beebe and Richard Sewell in assisting American fugitives and hostages in Tehran in the hostage crisis in 1979, and expresses regret that the director of the movie Argo saw fit to mislead the world about what actually happened during that crisis, when in reality our courageous New Zealand diplomats' inspirational actions were of significant help to the American hostages and deserve the factual and historic record to be corrected. [Motion passed in N.Z Parliament 12th March 2013]

There is piss-all about Iran I like, but on this one they have my full backing.  

Give me their Paypal address and I’ll even send them a donation towards costs.  

What I’m referring to is the slanderous Oscar winning movie ‘Argo.’  

Iran is planning to sue the makers of this shameful re-write of history, including Ben Affleck (a.k.a Ben Arselick)  

I have previously touched on the scandalous re-write of history which taints the names of two Kiwi’s who were incorrectly painted as cowards rather than heroes who played an important part in the hostages safe return.

Cripes one of them even drove the U.S embassy personal to the airport!  

Arselick and his scriptwriters knew these two individuals they were trampling all-over are now dead and even if they were alive they would never have the financial resources to battle high priced lawyers a Hollywood studio could bring into the fray. 

In effect they can write anything they like with impunity.  

The same goes for the staff at The British Embassy who were similarly maligned so a shameless Arselick could get his Oscar and his studio sell the story to Americans.   

The state of Iran is however a different beast.  

They hate America, Hollywood and it's Jewish connotations with a passion and are in a position to at least clear their tarnished names.

This isn’t the first time immoral Hollywood has deliberately re-written history to bolster ticket sales in America and in the process tarnished the names of the real heroes.  

Back in 2000 the movie U-571 drew the wrath of the British prime-minister of the day Tony Blair for its false depiction to events attributed to American Sailors which were in-fact attributable to The Royal Navy.      

America wasn’t even in the war when the events took place!  

The producers of U-571 even managed to insult the veterans of the German Kreigsmarine by falsely depicting the crew of the German submarine massacring the crew from an abandoned freighter.  

U-571 in-fact was never captured. 

It was sunk by an Australian plane off the coast of Ireland in 1944, sinking with all hands.  

Here’s hoping Iran goes ahead with its legal redress to prevent Hollywood re-writes of the entire history of all mankind.      


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

May your God bless Titanic and all who read her

The Germans are often portrayed, little thanks again to Hollywood, as humourless robots.  

Well as it happens Germany, Hamburg to be exact is the home to one of the world’s most controversial satirical magazines.  

Comparatively Titanic magazine literally reduces Mag and Cracked to the confines of teenage boy schoolbags.       

Since its first issue came out in 1979, the magazine has had to defend itself against 55 lawsuits filed by aggrieved celebrities and institutions. Thirty-five issues have been banned outright. 

Nothing is sacred to the editorial staff at Titanic – especially not religion.    

Last July ‘the’ pope threatened to sue them over this cover….  
And I’d better mention the back page as well……   

They then out-did themselves with a featuring a caricature of Mohammed on the cover a couple of months later…..  
They received the mandatory death threats over that one.   

But in my books the best comes last, last month’s issue where Benedicts close relationship with his butler is featured front and centre……..  
More priceless stuff, below....