Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home-Grown Christian Terrorists(?) face lesser charges!

It would seem to most that the religiously motivated crime such as that allegedly perpetrated in Blenheim by three self-confessed ‘Christian Activists’ (September 2008) would by rights be deemed an act of sabotage, under newly drafted post Sept 11th terrorism laws, and the suspects immediately imprisoned awaiting trial.

But the three activists, Adrian Leason, Fr Peter Murnane and Sam Land who allegedly deflated the protective dome covering a satellite dish at Waihopai last year have laughingly been charged with little more than intentional damage and burglary – rather than sabotage.

They now face a maximum of 6 years in jail rather than 14 had the charges been made under The Terrorism Act.

A trial is scheduled for The Wellington High Court in March next year.

New Zealand obviously is a soft-option for those like Ploughshares Aotearoa group behind the attack who want to see the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, Saddam Husseins old government reinstated in Iraq, and are willing to attack the equipment of those trying to bring peace and security to the peoples of these embattled countries.

To re-fresh your memory immediately after allegedly setting the Kiwi taxpayer back a million bucks with their wanton vandalism, the trio built a shrine and knelt in prayer to remember the people killed by United States military activity. Hardly surprisingly no prayers appeared to have been offered at the time to the victims of al-Qaeda or the despotic regimes that New Zealand and other countries are spilling blood to remove.

All three ‘Christian Activists’ facing trial have long histories of Anti-American protests.

Sam Land (above) was arrested in a similar attack at Pine Gap in Australia (2006).

All three are staunch Catholics and in accordance with their Churches teachings they want to see an end to The Jewish State of Israel.

Adrian Leason (above) hatred of The Jewish State and went as far as organising a pro-Hamas pro-Palestine protest in Wellington (January 2009 - post the base attack) and for theatrical effect dressing his six year old daughter up in bloodied bandages, like so.

After looking at the despicable way he manipulated his own young-child for his own political gain you’ll be amazed to learn Leason was in-fact at one stage seen fit to be a senior Child Youth and Family adviser - at National Office level!

Father Murnane was a flat-mate of convicted (in absentia) Islamic terrorist Ahmed Zaoui and threw blood all over the Wellington U.S Consulate office in 2003.

Despite being expressly forbidden by the Courts in Blenheim last year for those charged with the attack not to mix in each other company – guess who turned up in his bloodied bandages to have his chance to preach anti-Semitism at Leason’s protest?

That’s right it’s good old Friar Murnane getting stuck into those ‘Christ Killers’.
Footnote: Just to emphasis the deep-seated Anti-Jewish streak amongst the protesters in Wellington later that day another Catholic Priest desecrated an Israeli war memorial.

As I have stated before had the person who attacked the Waihopai Base been Mullah Mohammed Omar rather than a Catholic Friar Murnane - Police Prosecutors would view this differently.

Had they all bowed to Mecca after the attack rather than knelling and praying to a Christian god, we would be seeing the first religiously inspired terrorist trial in March rather than these watered-down civil charges.

Hopefully by the end of March, Leasons brat will really have something to cry about.


Anonymous said...

Well that was a real weird post! Most revealing is your politcal conservativism and general lack of knowledge on world politics... I'm surprised!

Are their actions motivated by religion or a desire for peace?

you are serious when you say that the USA is bringing
'peace and security" to the middle east????

and that listening to our phone calls is helping this??

The "victims of al-Qaeda" must number what, say 0.00001% of the victims of US aggression? Whoops, how did the miss them out eh?

Maybe you confuse anti-semetism for anti-zionism?? Or is that a bit too political for you??

"Hopefully by the end of March, Leasons brat will really have something to cry about."

That was gross. Initially I thought you were fairly intelligent, but now I see you're a total fuck head. Ha! Delete me, censure me , what ever fuck head...

Never to return!

Canterbury Atheists said...

Doesn’t the bubby like what the bubby reads?

Diddums the poor bubes.

Mummy better give you some yums to eat to stop the bubes crying.

Now piss-off and go back to eating your plate of lentils and get some professional help for your Uncle Sam psychosis.