Tuesday, March 5, 2013

May your God bless Titanic and all who read her

The Germans are often portrayed, little thanks again to Hollywood, as humourless robots.  

Well as it happens Germany, Hamburg to be exact is the home to one of the world’s most controversial satirical magazines.  

Comparatively Titanic magazine literally reduces Mag and Cracked to the confines of teenage boy schoolbags.       

Since its first issue came out in 1979, the magazine has had to defend itself against 55 lawsuits filed by aggrieved celebrities and institutions. Thirty-five issues have been banned outright. 

Nothing is sacred to the editorial staff at Titanic – especially not religion.    

Last July ‘the’ pope threatened to sue them over this cover….  
And I’d better mention the back page as well……   

They then out-did themselves with a featuring a caricature of Mohammed on the cover a couple of months later…..  
They received the mandatory death threats over that one.   

But in my books the best comes last, last month’s issue where Benedicts close relationship with his butler is featured front and centre……..  
More priceless stuff, below....




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