Monday, December 31, 2012


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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Attn: NRA I was only joking fellas

Dear NRA, 

I was only joking when I said why not arm all Americans from the moment they can walk. 

Teach toddlers complementary subjects like how to strip an AK47 and the times table.  

When tourists arrive at JFK, LAX etc they would be given quick-fire weapons training and a souvenir handgun etched with the second amendment.  

Like you I was shocked at Mayor Bloomberg’s insinuations you are creating a "paranoid, dystopian vision of a more dangerous and violent America where everyone is armed and no place is safe." 

Have a great day.

One of the good guys.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Arm Yourself! Obama’s Zombie Apocalypse is coming to a state near you!

Some nutcase loner, son of a mother who thought the world was going to end, kills 27 defenceless children, their caregivers, said mother & what is the flow-on of his senseless murder on the rest of a horrified society?

Did they stand-up unison and say “let’s get rid of killer guns once and for all”?

Mainstream politicians cross across the floor to unite saying “Let’s own up to the problem and solve it together”?

Hell No!

This is America.

In the U.S they rush down to their local gun-shop, nestled beside a coffeehouse and garden-shop, and purchase the exact same sort of guns Adam Lanza used to kill the innocents!

Yes, indeed ‘Only in America’ would sales of guns soar to record levels after a massacre like Sandy Hook.

But of course you can’t blame just the mass-murder in Connecticut for the planet’s most  paranoid human population becoming more paranoid than usual.

Some of the other reasons for Americans rearming themselves with human-killing guns have been put down to other causations.

After fear here’s another couple….

2.) The re-election of President Obama

3.) Zombies.

In number two spot it’s all about that evil socialist Obama who apparently doesn’t like his citizens pumping 11 bullets into the body and head of a seven year old girl & wants to limit their ownership. Kind-of like every other sane western country but WTF I’ve never been out of Tennessee. Jeeeze that wimp Obama cried on T.V so no wonder we as a family turned-over to watch the wrestling. Billy Joe Jr cleaned the AK-47 using KFC grease so as a treat we let him stay-up later and see the UFC.      

But moving on to reason # 3, I know you are itching for me to get to this.

Some Americans perceive a ‘real’ threat to their safety is the one posed by the walking dead, popularised on T.V and film, and this is the prime motivating factor in purchasing a gun.  

A marketing fact not lost on U.S ammo manufactures like Hornady who have their own special bullets called ‘Zombie Max’ (that's a real promo above) 

Z Max for short.

Z mispronounced zee, not zed as in the English translation.  

Ammo tested on rallies of Tea Party members i.e. brain dead humans were as close as Hornady could get without risking cries of animal cruelty.    

Seriously not even I could make up shit like this up and I’m one sick twisted prick with serious issues that can only be solved by listening to punk music and consuming large quantities of beer. 

The info on zombie-paranoia comes from no lesser (impeccable?) source than the FBI who do background checks on new gun owners.   

Purchasing a gun in preparation of the up-coming Zombie Apocalypse – I say fuck those Central Americans and their complicated calendar - is now amongst the top 10 listed reasons behind U.S ownership and climbing!   


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns are Americans Mutant Gene

This is a guy in a Virginia bar have a few beers with his mates.

Yes, indeed that is a pistol of some kind poking out of his jeans.

Overseas people like me view picture this with a mixture of (a.) amusement  (b.) unease.

I certainly would not want to be in a room with a bunch of intoxicated guys carrying weapons designed to kill everyone in that space.

Yet, Americans view this as being part of their DNA, be it a mutant gene of some sort.

Like an out-of-control alcoholic the way to solve any issue is to go out and drown their sorrows.

In light of Sandy Hook we have some Americans now wanting teachers to be armed.

Why not go the whole hog and arm the kids?

Make it compulsory for everyone?

Tourists could be given lessons on how to kill (American for ‘self defence’) on arriving at LAX, JFK etc.

To elaborate on the analogy of the drunk, unless you can first accept you have a problem with alcohol you can’t solve the issue.

Americans can’t accept as a country they have a problem with guns, cling on to a piece of paper that was penned when Red Indians roamed the plains, bears the forest outside their door and when the local sheriff was a day horse-ride away.   

There is much to admire about America’s libertarian ethos, but the countries gun culture is frankly dangerous.

I am proud to live in a country where even the Police don’t carry guns in the normal course of their duties.

I enjoy going to my regular pub and having a beer without having to pack a gun.     

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wellington Catholic Parish uses Paedophile to deliver religious instruction!

What would you do if your school administration was knowingly using a paedophile to teach your child?

This is not a hypothetical question either.

At St Joseph's School in Hutt (near Wellington) the parents were forced to take matters into their own hands to remove a convicted paedophile from their children’s school.   

Amazingly to normal person i.e. anyone not perverted by Catholicism, the outed kiddy-fiddler was involved in delivering a religious programme to children at the parish next door!

The parish that administers the school knew he was a child-fucker yet let him be part of their children’s religious programme.

Why didn’t the parish tell the school they had a child-fucker instructing their kids, having a cup of tea is the vestry right next door most days?

They claim there was no protocol in place!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The U.S Gun-Laws are Fucked-Up.

I’m sorry but when people in politics and the media start proposing armed guards at Kindergartens you know there are deep underlying issues within that given society.

I have rallied on this subject before but the U.S’s issue with firearms boils down to paranoid people wandering the streets with guns.

From a Kiwi perspective it’s a scary thought thinking the guy walking towards you on a Texas Street could be carrying a weapon, could go ‘postal’ at the slightest affront.   

Placing guns in the easy reach of planets most paranoid populous is a recipe for disaster.  

So many guns there’s 9 for every in 10 U.S civilians.  

Presidents, Congressmen/women are prime targets.   

In Australia, Prime Minister John Howard summed-up the situation down here when he commented after a 1996 mass killings in that country that "we took action to limit the availability of guns, and we showed a national resolved that the gun culture that is such a negative in the U.S. would never become a negative in our country."

In New Zealand they vet all potential gun-owners to prevent known nutters like Adam Lanza getting their psychotic paws on them.

N.Z has all but banned people killing sub-machineguns.

The two main political parties here have a bi-partisan approach to gun control.

People here feel safe.

People in the U.S obviously don’t, when the only credible non-recreational reason for carrying a gun in the first-place is to shoot someone.   

By the way the photo (above) is of Caroline Previdi a six year old victim of the Sandy Hook massacre.

She looks spookily like my own daughter did at that age.

Try telling her parents the U.S gun laws aren’t fucked-up.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The moment I heard her son was named after a chemical element ‘Neon’ I knew we were dealing with a wacko alternative lifer.

This instant opinion was re-enforced when I heard her utterances that the protocol doctors were following was "really evil".

So what were these evil doctors doing exactly?

They were trying to save U.K based Kiwi mother Sally Robert’s son’s life.

Poor 7 year-old Neon has a brain tumour and doctors were proposing to treat him with radiotherapy.

So Roberts took her lad into hiding.

After a five day nationwide search British Police caught-up with the pair.  

Robert’s isn’t exactly sure what therapies will be effective saving young Neon only it’s not going to be radiotherapy.  

When you read the word therapy there is really another word that should be placed in front of it: alternative.

Robert’s estranged husband, Neon’s father Ben Roberts said he too was open to “open to other approaches.”

What these ‘approaches’ are, is open to interpretation.

Bathing the child’s head in goats blood under a full moon?

The legal system has now intervened to ensure Neon is saved from his parents border-line psychotic beliefs that they somehow know better than health professionals who like nothing better to do than in essence torturing children, ignore cures to satisfy their evil agenda.       

The parents waste valuable time seeking out cures which doctors say don’t exist.  

In these all too frequent cases the welfare of the child should be paramount.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What is the religion of The World’s Top 20 Modern-Day Dictators?

Muammar Gaddafi (Islam)  

Saddam Hussein (Sunni Muslim)  

Adolf Hitler (Catholic)  

Vladimir Lenin (Atheist)  

Francisco Franco (Catholic)  

Benito Mussolini (Catholic) 

Pol Pot (Buddhist/Atheist)  

Robert Mugabe (Catholic)  

Idi Amin (Islam)   

Mao Tse-Tung (Atheist)  

Mobutu Sese Seko (Catholic)  

Nicolae Ceausescu (Catholic)  

Slobodan Milosevic (Serb Orthodox)  

Jean-Claude Duvalier (Catholic mixed with local native religion)  

Ferdinand Marcos (Catholic)  

Omar al-Bashir (Muslim)   

Hosni Mubarak (Sunni Muslim) 

Fulgencio Batista (Unknown)  

António Salazar (Catholic)  

Alfredo Stroessner (Catholic)

Footnote: in no particular order  


1 September 2011.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As perhaps you are already aware, last week I suspended Father John Fitzmaurice from all priestly ministry.

It is now with great sadness that I inform you that I have placed the matter with the police.  I took this step because of financial irregularities in areas for which he has been responsible.

The police will follow their own procedures and make their own investigations.  Because of this, I am not able to provide further information or make further comment.

Until now, Father John Fitzmaurice has held the appointment of Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Addington.   As many of you will know, he has contributed strongly to the life of the Diocese through the exercise of a variety of important appointments and offices. His profile in our Diocese, and in the Church beyond it, has been obvious over many years.

The Lord teaches us to pray for the holy Church to which it is our privilege to belong.  The holiness of the Church cannot fail because it comes from Jesus.  Let us so pray, therefore, and let us pray also for those most affected and hurt and disappointed by these events.

 Yours sincerely.

+ Barry Jones
 Bishop of Christchurch

Well that brother in Christ (crime?) in question, Father John Fitzmaurice (above) admitted defrauding his church of NZ$127,650, pleading guilty to six charges when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court today.

Despite his confessed criminal activity, no reparations being sort in court Father Fitzmaurice still continues to work with the Catholic church.

One can only think $127K is but a drop in the ocean to the Catholic Church Incorporated.

242 cheques misappropriated before any of the monies were found to be missing.

Father Fitzmaurice’s  ‘boss’ Bishop Jones has tacitly supported ‘their man’ by issuing a glowing report on his contributions to the life of their diocese.  

Chances are he’ll get home detention, then integrated back into the fold.

It has sure been a busy month or two with the law catching-up with Christchurch’s Catholic Priests, criminal fraternity.  

The local Press has lately featured stories on the stock-standard organised child fucking, fleeing the law and now embezzlement.

Made all that more frightening when you realise only a minority of these criminals in dog-collars, are ever made to account for their crimes.  
By far the majority of their crimes are covered-up, dealt with in-house. 

Any parent who sends their child to a Catholic Church in Christchurch to get a moral foundation is clearly deluded and have declared by default themselves to be illiterate.

Up-Date 12th Dec: It's come out in the wash Fitzmaurice likes a flutter on the nags and a go at the pokkies.  



Monday, December 10, 2012

Well Fuck Me ‘N.Z Religions Unite Against Violence’

The two introductory paragraphs in today’s paper encapsulated the duplicitous nature of the headline ‘Religions unite against violence’

"More than 40 New Zealand religious leaders have taken a joint stand today against violence towards women or children.

 The 35 men and six women, representing 29 organisations, have promised to encourage their believers to report family violence, hold perpetrators to account and support victims, and to train their clerics and other staff in how to respond to family violence and work with anti-violence agencies" 

The maths is simple.

41 Church leaders and just 6 of them are women.

The irony didn’t escape moi.

No journalist managed to ask if this wasn’t a bit ‘rich’ to pontificate against family violence whilst having in-house policies to subjugate women.

Then there are the more obvious overt mandates inherent in these signed-up religious bodies towards violence.

Why did the docile media give these religious leaders a free ride and ask them why they personally follow a doctrine that clearly mandates violence?

Try this for size…

"And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]... but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful.   And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah” [Quran]

“The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name” [Exodus]

The Bible has by popular count 1214 violent passages and the Quran 527.

The Quran is 8.5% full of verses that involves some form of violence, sexism etc.

It’s about time these religious leaders got their own houses in order before preaching to others.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ring…Ring…This is the Pope Tweeting How Can’t I Help You?

So this decade’s doddery old religious fuhrer (a.k.a Pope What-Not) has himself a twitter account – the new frontier of child exploitation.

Catholics around the globe are wetting their blessed undies in expectation of his first ‘tweet’ or should that be 'twit'? 

Similar to music, sporting star adulation those that ‘tune into’ Pope What Not’s twitter ramblings are going to delude themselves (a.) it is actually him tapping away at the keyboards in the first place (b.) he is taking time off from his daily flagellations to send his rantings directly into their inbox and no one else.  

Let’s face-it Twitter is the internet’s version of the National Enquirer, details on what the Page 3 Girl likes to do apart from getting her tits out.  

A sad situation best summed-up by thes top Twitter account holders: Lady fucking Gaga and Justin fucking Bieber.

Bring me a bucket.

Still the Pope should fit in nicely amongst this sort of company, but will have to go a long way to get near Gaga’s following.

She has 33 million followers and Pope What-Not is well down the rankings with a paltry 500K.           

I will saw his followers the expectant trouble of that first tweet by breaking it to the world here on this blog……

“That brown eyed choir boy makes me go weak at the knees”  

Footnote: I don’t have a Twitter Account and don’t understand its inner workings but don’t they have some set of ‘Standards’ when it comes to account holders? I mean surely the leader of a global paedophile ring is grounds enough to delete/reject an account holder? 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Catholic Church Molester Tells of little more than Institutionised Paedophilia

With annoying regularity papal bum-boy apologists try and paint a picture of a few bad apples being behind the global epidemic of kiddy-fucking in The Catholic Church.  

The lone-wolf theory i.e. rouge sickos do their criminal activities in secrecy so that even their closest brethren in Christ are totally unaware of their crimes.     

The share vast scale of the abuse must alone make a mockery of this. 

Well this faux theory has been well & truly blown out of the water by none other than an ex Catholic brother from Christchurch - himself a convicted of child abuser.

Former Brother Bernard McGrath instead paints a picture of little more than a highly organised kiddy fucking old-boys club at Marylands School, Addington.  

A Psychiatrist report on McGrath gives us a disturbing insight into the St John of God (Christchurch) order where priests made no secret of their activities, just the complete opposite.  

McGrath tells of sexual assaults of boys occurring with other clergy present.

He outlines in gory detail the issuing of encouragements, enticements to join-in the perversion by the more senior priests to their juniors.    

No child was safe from any St John of God priest.          
No child is safe from any Catholic priest.   

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southlands Anti-Abortionists Worship a God that simply loves Fetus-Fanticide

Down in Invercargill, the mostly Catholic, protesters have been doing what anti-abortionists around the world do best - threatening and intimidating woman entering Southlands clinic.  

Being ‘good Catholics’ and listing papal lacky MP Bill English as a supporter, 'Southlanders for Life' are not just harassing those women wanting terminations but also ironically those there for fertility treatment.   

Amongst their callous targets in their ‘name and shame policy’ are staff and those attending the clinic plus their relatives for good measure.   

Threats include this email sent anonymously to the Abortion Law Reform Association back in October…. 

“People who work at the clinic are legitimate targets and so are you. You’ll be hearing from me again, that is if your computer, or in fact your premises, are in one piece,” 

These fucktards can’t see the grand irony being supposed ‘pro-life’ on one hand yet advocating ‘killing in the name’ and engaging in violence on the other.    

They are so pig ignorant they can’t even see the fact their chosen god ‘Yahweh’ actually loves abortion!  

Yahweh terminates literally millions of pregnancies every week.   

His manifesto ‘The Bible’ parts one & two has not one bad word to say about abortion.   

You don’t even have to be a Christian either for Yahweh to go about his number one pet hobby – murdering children in the womb.      

Hitler and his henchmen, all good Catholics by the way, were just pretenders when it comes to senseless, barbaric murder.   

Yahweh and his brat are the fetus-fanticide kings and Southland's anti-abortion rabble are his # 1 supporters.