Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ring…Ring…This is the Pope Tweeting How Can’t I Help You?

So this decade’s doddery old religious fuhrer (a.k.a Pope What-Not) has himself a twitter account – the new frontier of child exploitation.

Catholics around the globe are wetting their blessed undies in expectation of his first ‘tweet’ or should that be 'twit'? 

Similar to music, sporting star adulation those that ‘tune into’ Pope What Not’s twitter ramblings are going to delude themselves (a.) it is actually him tapping away at the keyboards in the first place (b.) he is taking time off from his daily flagellations to send his rantings directly into their inbox and no one else.  

Let’s face-it Twitter is the internet’s version of the National Enquirer, details on what the Page 3 Girl likes to do apart from getting her tits out.  

A sad situation best summed-up by thes top Twitter account holders: Lady fucking Gaga and Justin fucking Bieber.

Bring me a bucket.

Still the Pope should fit in nicely amongst this sort of company, but will have to go a long way to get near Gaga’s following.

She has 33 million followers and Pope What-Not is well down the rankings with a paltry 500K.           

I will saw his followers the expectant trouble of that first tweet by breaking it to the world here on this blog……

“That brown eyed choir boy makes me go weak at the knees”  

Footnote: I don’t have a Twitter Account and don’t understand its inner workings but don’t they have some set of ‘Standards’ when it comes to account holders? I mean surely the leader of a global paedophile ring is grounds enough to delete/reject an account holder? 

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