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1 September 2011.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As perhaps you are already aware, last week I suspended Father John Fitzmaurice from all priestly ministry.

It is now with great sadness that I inform you that I have placed the matter with the police.  I took this step because of financial irregularities in areas for which he has been responsible.

The police will follow their own procedures and make their own investigations.  Because of this, I am not able to provide further information or make further comment.

Until now, Father John Fitzmaurice has held the appointment of Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Addington.   As many of you will know, he has contributed strongly to the life of the Diocese through the exercise of a variety of important appointments and offices. His profile in our Diocese, and in the Church beyond it, has been obvious over many years.

The Lord teaches us to pray for the holy Church to which it is our privilege to belong.  The holiness of the Church cannot fail because it comes from Jesus.  Let us so pray, therefore, and let us pray also for those most affected and hurt and disappointed by these events.

 Yours sincerely.

+ Barry Jones
 Bishop of Christchurch

Well that brother in Christ (crime?) in question, Father John Fitzmaurice (above) admitted defrauding his church of NZ$127,650, pleading guilty to six charges when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court today.

Despite his confessed criminal activity, no reparations being sort in court Father Fitzmaurice still continues to work with the Catholic church.

One can only think $127K is but a drop in the ocean to the Catholic Church Incorporated.

242 cheques misappropriated before any of the monies were found to be missing.

Father Fitzmaurice’s  ‘boss’ Bishop Jones has tacitly supported ‘their man’ by issuing a glowing report on his contributions to the life of their diocese.  

Chances are he’ll get home detention, then integrated back into the fold.

It has sure been a busy month or two with the law catching-up with Christchurch’s Catholic Priests, criminal fraternity.  

The local Press has lately featured stories on the stock-standard organised child fucking, fleeing the law and now embezzlement.

Made all that more frightening when you realise only a minority of these criminals in dog-collars, are ever made to account for their crimes.  
By far the majority of their crimes are covered-up, dealt with in-house. 

Any parent who sends their child to a Catholic Church in Christchurch to get a moral foundation is clearly deluded and have declared by default themselves to be illiterate.

Up-Date 12th Dec: It's come out in the wash Fitzmaurice likes a flutter on the nags and a go at the pokkies.  



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Atheist73 said...

I'm amazed to discover this! I used to be in the seminary on Riccarton Road with this guy. He was smug and manipulative then. I dropped the religious crap years ago, but it looks like Fitzmaurice hung on to it and ended up "falling from grace". Sorry, but I can't help feeling "Just desserts!"