Monday, December 3, 2012

Catholic Church Molester Tells of little more than Institutionised Paedophilia

With annoying regularity papal bum-boy apologists try and paint a picture of a few bad apples being behind the global epidemic of kiddy-fucking in The Catholic Church.  

The lone-wolf theory i.e. rouge sickos do their criminal activities in secrecy so that even their closest brethren in Christ are totally unaware of their crimes.     

The share vast scale of the abuse must alone make a mockery of this. 

Well this faux theory has been well & truly blown out of the water by none other than an ex Catholic brother from Christchurch - himself a convicted of child abuser.

Former Brother Bernard McGrath instead paints a picture of little more than a highly organised kiddy fucking old-boys club at Marylands School, Addington.  

A Psychiatrist report on McGrath gives us a disturbing insight into the St John of God (Christchurch) order where priests made no secret of their activities, just the complete opposite.  

McGrath tells of sexual assaults of boys occurring with other clergy present.

He outlines in gory detail the issuing of encouragements, enticements to join-in the perversion by the more senior priests to their juniors.    

No child was safe from any St John of God priest.          
No child is safe from any Catholic priest.   

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