Friday, November 27, 2009

The Catholic Church in Ireland – A Septic Boil in need of immediate lancing.

Why the hell does the Irish Government continue to ignore the first principal obligation of any legitimate government – protection and safety of its citizens?

What would it take for the Irish Government to say “this organisation is a threat to the safety and well-being of our citizens” and close them down?

Do they require decades of mass-murder rather than decades of mass-rapes that occurred?

Just how many Irish children have to be staved, raped and mentally abused before those in power in Ireland move to deal with the orchestrators of this abuse once and for all?

What sort of government wants a powerful group in it’s midst that harbors, protects, feeds and then prays at the burial place of pedophiles?

Faced with this threat from within the moral & ethical imperative is a simple-one.

It is totally justified and the based on the welfare and safety of the most vulnerable.

That is, the imprisonment of its leaders and to close-down their ability to perpetrate abuse on future generations of Irish children.

Why the hell bother commissioning a report in the first-place if you have no intention acting responsibly & definitively on its findings?

The reality is nothing of substance will come out this week’s sickening report of systemic and prolonged abuse in children in Ireland.

A septic-boil of this nature can not be dealt with superficially, using creams in the form of apologies.

It must be lanced, once & for-all.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It’s not a good week to be an animal of any kind in Nepal, particularly Buffalo's – 200,000 of them alone, are due to be slaughtered.

Add to the 'death-list' pigs, goats, chickens and pigeons and anything else the superstitious Nepalese can get their bloodied hands-on.

In case you missed it, the world’s largest animal sacrifice The Gadhimai Festival, which happens once every five years, is taking place this week in Bariyapur southern Nepal.

The highlight of the festival is the ritual slaughters of more than a quarter of a million animals for Gadhimai - a goddess of power.

Participants believe that animal sacrifices for the Hindu goddess Gadhimai will end evil and bring prosperity.

The fact the festival has been going for centuries without any apparent abatement to evil around the world and Nepal remains to this day one of the poorest countries in the world – has escaped devotees.

Rum, Sodomy and The Pope

“Several times he (Pope John Paul) would put himself through bodily penance. We would hear it – we were in the next room at Castel Gandolfo. You could hear the sound of the blows when he flagellated himself. He did it when he was still capable of moving on his own”

“He would punish himself, and. in particular, just before he ordained bishops and priests. Before passing on the sacraments he wanted to prepare himself.”

Some of the creepy, laughable behind the scenes goings-on at Catholic H.Q. have been revealed in the beatification process of dearly departed Pope John Paul II (he was the humble one who took the liberty to start beatifying himself)

Three of the testimonies supporting John Paul’s sainthood give details on Pope John Paul’s penchant to inflict pain – on himself!

Self flagellation is the most apt description.

To assist in this closet masochists need to inflict pain upon his body it turns-out John Paul even had his own whip hiding under his bed (along with god knows what else?)

That’s right peoples – these sexual deviants are the very same guys that have the audacity to tell the rest of the humans running around the planet what they can, and can’t do, with their own bodies.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling all Atheist’s to get out and Support The Church of Scientology!

It hasn’t been a good few months for the followers of b-grade sci-fi writer L.Ron Hubbard.

First a French Court found The Church of Scientology had defrauded its members and this week across the Tasman we have a South Australian MP calling for an enquiry in Canberra.

The Australian Senator Xenophon (no he's not a distant relation to the evil space-overlord) said he had received correspondence from former members of Scientology implicated the organisation in a range of crimes, including forced imprisonment, coerced abortions, embezzlement of church funds, physical violence, intimidation and blackmail.

Then Scientology's chief spokesman, Tommy Davis (evidently Tom seems a popular name for those who believe in Alien occupations of earth and the liberal use of very large numbers) stormed out of a television interview with Martin Bashir in a rage befitting a person of a far lower operating level [refer You-Tube video above]

The thetans must well and truly be enveloping the COS hierarchy producing itchy-welts that won’t go away – even with the most thorough auditing and creams.

And I for one feel sorry for them!

That’s right I feel sorry for The Church of Scientology.

The major thing that COS does wrong and pisses the public-off - is to charge above market rates for their load of superstition.

The ‘Johnny come lately’ COS also has the audacity to believe in invisible alien life forms as opposed to the traditional invisible deities worshipped for millennia – this too brings it’s detractors.

Having a f*ck-knuckle like Tom Cruise as a poster boy & a propensity to act like the East German Secret-Service can’t have helped their cause either.

So if the media and state-authorities around the globe are going to target COS and portray them as a bogus religion - we must place the same burden of proof on all their competitors.

The Islamic religion believes their messiah split the moon in two.

The Christian religion believes the earth was made in six days.

Are these any more credible propositions than Xenu?

As I have just stated what pisses the public off (atheists and theists alike) is the way they function and not their actual beliefs – which are a bunch of expensive crap as opposed to the discounted version available at other corner churches - except of course Destiny up-in Auckland.

My message to COS – believe you me they troll the internet looking for detractors and insignificant dissertations such as this - is to start offering a 2 for 1 discount and run sale to coincide with that false-holiday the other pretenders call Christmas.

PS: On the right of this blog are the results of the recent month long poll I ran to find-out the weirdest religion. Guess who won?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home-Grown Christian Terrorists(?) face lesser charges!

It would seem to most that the religiously motivated crime such as that allegedly perpetrated in Blenheim by three self-confessed ‘Christian Activists’ (September 2008) would by rights be deemed an act of sabotage, under newly drafted post Sept 11th terrorism laws, and the suspects immediately imprisoned awaiting trial.

But the three activists, Adrian Leason, Fr Peter Murnane and Sam Land who allegedly deflated the protective dome covering a satellite dish at Waihopai last year have laughingly been charged with little more than intentional damage and burglary – rather than sabotage.

They now face a maximum of 6 years in jail rather than 14 had the charges been made under The Terrorism Act.

A trial is scheduled for The Wellington High Court in March next year.

New Zealand obviously is a soft-option for those like Ploughshares Aotearoa group behind the attack who want to see the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, Saddam Husseins old government reinstated in Iraq, and are willing to attack the equipment of those trying to bring peace and security to the peoples of these embattled countries.

To re-fresh your memory immediately after allegedly setting the Kiwi taxpayer back a million bucks with their wanton vandalism, the trio built a shrine and knelt in prayer to remember the people killed by United States military activity. Hardly surprisingly no prayers appeared to have been offered at the time to the victims of al-Qaeda or the despotic regimes that New Zealand and other countries are spilling blood to remove.

All three ‘Christian Activists’ facing trial have long histories of Anti-American protests.

Sam Land (above) was arrested in a similar attack at Pine Gap in Australia (2006).

All three are staunch Catholics and in accordance with their Churches teachings they want to see an end to The Jewish State of Israel.

Adrian Leason (above) hatred of The Jewish State and went as far as organising a pro-Hamas pro-Palestine protest in Wellington (January 2009 - post the base attack) and for theatrical effect dressing his six year old daughter up in bloodied bandages, like so.

After looking at the despicable way he manipulated his own young-child for his own political gain you’ll be amazed to learn Leason was in-fact at one stage seen fit to be a senior Child Youth and Family adviser - at National Office level!

Father Murnane was a flat-mate of convicted (in absentia) Islamic terrorist Ahmed Zaoui and threw blood all over the Wellington U.S Consulate office in 2003.

Despite being expressly forbidden by the Courts in Blenheim last year for those charged with the attack not to mix in each other company – guess who turned up in his bloodied bandages to have his chance to preach anti-Semitism at Leason’s protest?

That’s right it’s good old Friar Murnane getting stuck into those ‘Christ Killers’.
Footnote: Just to emphasis the deep-seated Anti-Jewish streak amongst the protesters in Wellington later that day another Catholic Priest desecrated an Israeli war memorial.

As I have stated before had the person who attacked the Waihopai Base been Mullah Mohammed Omar rather than a Catholic Friar Murnane - Police Prosecutors would view this differently.

Had they all bowed to Mecca after the attack rather than knelling and praying to a Christian god, we would be seeing the first religiously inspired terrorist trial in March rather than these watered-down civil charges.

Hopefully by the end of March, Leasons brat will really have something to cry about.

Shameless Catholic Church attempts to blame homosexuals for its own in-house pedophile pandemic.

When it comes to the abdication of responsibility The Catholic Church sits on top of the platform to receive their gold-medal in absolution.

To explain away the appalling levels of sexual abuse amongst its priests - what better target for The Vatican than to blame than those inherently evil homosexuals, eh?

Yes, all those child molesters in dog-collars were all sodomites who had infiltrated the ranks of 'the good-church' to engage in their heinous practices.

Boys were overwhelming the victims of kiddy-fiddling priests so that was further proof this all has to be down-to cloistered gays in the ranks.

So to prove this was the case and it was those god-forsaken faggots who were responsible for the global pedophile scandal amongst its clergy the Catholic Church sponsored a 2 million U.S Dollar study into abuse cases in the United States.

Yes, this study would prove once & for all it was all down to gays and nothing to do with the unnatural denial of sexual desires that is celibacy.

And what did the study of 14,000 abuse cases find?

In a nut-shell there was no evidence that gay priests are more likely than heterosexual clergy to molest children.

End of story.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Zealand makes ‘The’ World-Cup!

On Saturday night Wellington hosted the biggest single game of sport held in New Zealand since The Rugby World-Cup final in 1987 and the ‘must-win’ New Zealand-Bahrain World Cup qualifier on Saturday night, well and truly lived up-to all the hype.

Rugby-head Keith Quinn, of all people, called it the biggest ever game of sport played in Wellington.

As tough as it is to accept for its many petty-jealous detractors -no other sport has the interest and appeal of football around the globe.

The equivalent of a rugby test in football is a friendly, and no one in football gives a monkeys about a nothing-at-stake friendly such as the dire All Blacks versus Italy game held the same night.

All that counts in football is The World-Cup and to a lesser extent The European Cup so every nation on this planet waits four years for the chance just to compete at the tournament – let alone win the thing.

And when I say ‘every nation’ I mean ‘every nation’ so the relevance to those who have no equivalent event in their code is often lost.

Footballing minnow New Zealand is now on the biggest single sporting stage on this planet.

N.Z’s win against Bahrain featured on both on the home page of BBC (# 1 sporting story) and CNN (# 3 sporting story) over the weekend.

What really struck me on Saturday night was the crowd atmosphere in Wellington.

Finally a passionate group of Kiwi’s showing their emotions rather than sitting like cardboard cut-outs glued to seats, dressed in black, chanting insufferably like downs-syndrome suffers “All Blackkkkkk’s”.

I will always regret not going to The Cake-Tin on Saturday.

New Zealander should unite and be proud of our footballers and the crowd for what they achieved on Saturday night.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Muslims: The Human Equivalent of Pitbulls?

It was a tragic accident waiting to happen: Muslims in The U.S Armed Services.

A concept as ludicrous, were the ramifications not so deadly, as say a black-man joining the Klan or a Jew belonging to The Nazi Party.

Only be ‘bad things’ can happen when two diametrically opposed beliefs come together, and both sides are carrying guns.

This need to appease certain members of society, embrace them, even when they are known to harbour views which are against the very war & culture they are supposedly fighting for – is plainly stupidity in its rawest and outright dangerous.

Let’s get this right, Nidal Malik Hasan had no problem telling anyone who wanted to listen “It was a war on Islam” and not a “War on terror”, ranting on extremist web-sites and attending a Mosque which was frequented by two 9/11 terrorists – all with the knowledge of his superiors.

Where did his comrades in arms think all his dabbling with radical religions was leading?

Did the U.S Army think Major Hasan was doing a field-practical for an article he was writing in The Lancet on the effects combat had on American soldiers psychological welfare?

Those that follow the teachings of Muhammed are all Muslims first and carriers of a certain passport a distant second.

Given the choice of fighting for their country over their religion, Islamic adherents all sing from the same Quran.

Those that ignore this fact are seriously negligent, more so when they give them the arms to perpetrate the crime, ignoring the danger-signs so ‘they won’t up-set religious sensibilities.’

On the same day Major Nidal Malik Hasan was running amok his army base screaming “Allahu Akbar!” a southern Somalian man was sentenced then stoned a man to death for adultery. His pregnant girlfriend was spared the fate – until that is, she gives birth. Closer to home in Philippines a kidnapped school-headmaster was beheaded by his Muslim captors.

Three uncivilised & appalling acts that receive not only a total absence of condemnation within The Muslim community anywhere on the planet – but more worryingly not one sentence from western media or authorities focusing on the perpetrators religious motivations.

All we ever hear is the evil doers are “radicals” and “a minority” – as if this changes the fact they are motivated by their beliefs?

Should it be just a minority, say just 2 in 100, have you ever stopped to think that means we currently live on a planet with 25 million religious terrorists!

That’s the equivalent of the populations of Australia and New Zealand put together.

If it was Aussies and Kiwi’s indiscriminately killing and maiming other peoples of the world in the name of some ‘greater cause’ forcing ‘our way of life’ on every one else in the world, by force as necessary – would other countries stand idly by and let this happen?

So say after me “the principals of freedom, liberty are incompatible with the teaching of Islam.”

Islam is a religion that literally says “if you are not one of us you are against us.”

Tolerance has never been a part of their mandate, except as an avenue to use for their own expedience.

Even a small population of Muslims in the midst of liberal Western countries will it as their God-given right to demand their hosts change their established way of life to suit their own narrow beliefs.

Historically coexistence with Islam only occurred when all factions stuck to their piece of the globe.

The Israeli Government have gone back to the one tried and true method of stopping potential trouble - building a massive concrete wall.

This should be a lesson all other countries should adopt, restricting immigration should be the first priority.

The irony here is the U.S Military Service will continue to ban homosexuals from its ranks and the rest of the ‘politically correct’ world e.g. New Zealand allows this medieval barbarism to occur all over the globe, without wanting to stand-up for our principals & upset anyone, like say our major trading partners or the followers of the warmongering Mohammed in our midst.

By institutionalising so-called respect for all religions, irrespective of how abhorrent and foreign their actions and dogma are – we in ‘the West’ are actually protecting the rights of their membership to act unlawfully under our own laws.

If you want to bring the human equivalent of a pit-bull terrier into your own household – then sooner or later expect there to be carnage and recriminations.

Start growing a beard.

Pope offers Anglican Bigots a Back-Dooring.

At first I rated this as a crude marketing ploy from one of the world’s richest entities - not renowned for it’s innovation in this area - more indoctrination. .

But then I thought – hey where else can disenfranchised homophobes and sexist C of E members run-off to these-days to get their fill of bigotry?

Let’s face-it their choices are stark.

It’s either a journey to a local mosque and regularly bowing to Mecca, or knelling to kiss the Fisher-mans ring.

Christians are more familiar with the later.

So Pope Bene-Dick has reached out his ringed-finger, as opposed to his preferred ring-piece, to Anglicans to come join his gang and bully-up the old fashioned Christian way on Jews, Homos and keep those bimbos disenfranchised, pregnant and in the kitchen baking something.

But his master-plan has one flaw.

What happens if these born-again Catholics come with nasty baggage?

By baggage, we are talking a wife and children – the normal balanced things our species enjoy – but a big ‘no no’ amongst the homo-erotic world of Priests - simply replace bath houses & glory holes with rectory (derived from the Latin word for bottom) and confessional booths.

In what must be one of the most appropriate choices of wording ever issued by The Vatican media the prospect of Anglicans joining their clergy with a wife and children has been labeled as ‘back-dooring’.

Now if ever there was an organisation with centuries of experience in ‘back-dooring’ it must be The Catholic Church – so it is going to be hard to get this married Priest thing past them.

More titillation to come on this I’m sure.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here's a good-one for you 'The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world'

On October 20, a debate in London organised by Intelligence Squared, resulted in a crushing defeat for the ‘lambs to the slaughter’ who fronted for The Catholic Church.

The motion – The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world – was resoundingly defeated. The final vote was 268 in favour, 1,876 against – and ‘the don’t knows’ totaled 34.

The result is hardly a surprise given the subject matter and the opponents for the proposition - Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry, who utterly demolished their rivals.

Enjoy the highlights.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God Riddance to God from Schools

Mrs Button is your year-eight child’s teacher.

One day your child comes home and tells you a strange tale of an ‘E Meter’ she is using on the class to test their personalities.

This has you bemused and a little bit worried, so you do some detective work by asking around the other parents in the class if their children also report such ‘tests’.

The result is that all Mrs Button’s children have similar stories to report.

You decide to approach Mrs Button about these strange goings-on, you want no part of.

At the scheduled meeting in the classroom a picture of L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, hangs from the wall.

Rather than being reticent Mrs. Button goes on the attack claiming it is her heritage and right.

You are unsatisfied at her justification for indoctrinating your child with stories of alien war-lords, so you march off to the head-masters to complain.

The headmaster is sympathetic, but tells you there is nothing he can do.

He says he has been deluged by parent complaints similar to the one you are telling.

Mr Copland in Year 6 is a Mormon and filling his kids minds with tales of Joseph Smith.

Mrs Abdula gets her class to bow to Mecca.

The headmaster yearns for the day when all religious education is banned from the school.

So where is this going?

Yesterday, The European Court of Human Rights ruled against the use of crucifixes in classrooms in Italy.

They want secular education to be just that – religion free rather than ‘religion-lite’.

For those that are howling at this decision to remove Christian symbols from classes as some form of denial of traditional histrionics or the principals of Christian doctrine, I’m presuming are comfortable having children occupying a classroom with a picture of L.Ron Hubbard or Joseph Smith on the wall?

Or is it only when your own chosen superstitious clap-trap is removed from classes you feel some sort of betrayal?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jesus was an Ugly Blackman

PS: I am getting better with my crappy Windows Movie Maker - even if I do say so myself.